What is its consequence? Waiting, procrastination or stagnation of time.

Does waiting for something longer make its capture a triumph? That almost seems subjective. It is impossible to know that anything is really worth the wait.

What if the trailing of time never manifests into anything- you are left with regret- the real consequence of the lapse of time.

It is often mingling with a call to judge. Whose judgment can be to blame? Only yours can.

Not every regret is a direct result of it, sometimes it’s of circumstance. Though habits of circumstance rarely see anything as a failure of those judging but of fairness.

Where does waiting seep? In everything, the wait consumes it all. To get older, to learn, to be trusted, to gain access, to be loved and wanted. We wait for the perfect presentation- gallantly to grab.

Finally, we look to stop in that moment of time and to be free of this chain. Desperately, before it all begins to fall apart.

Waiting is no longer relevant as the picture becomes less clear. Traveling far enough away that you cease to wait for the result.


Nothing left to speak

sum of a life’s journey never multiplies and is someone plagued by this ultimate divide

finding the window has compounded endless mystery -remaining locked in tow- reminders of history

changes of fate that are never quite real- call to defeat the joy- longingly to conceal

As if their is nothing left to speak.

Follow Me

Follow me through the burning fire,

follow me through the blissful meadows,

follow me through to the electrical spark.

Follow me through the chapters of knowledge,

follow me through the writings of dark,

follow me to the passage of wisdom.

Follow me through the times that are uncertain,

follow me through the times of laughter,

follow me to the times of understanding.

Follow me through the pain of unrest,

follow me through the joys of tomorrow,

follow me through to a future abode.

Follow me through the rain of a lifetime,

follow me through the colors of the leaves,

follow me through to the sunlit path.

Follow me through the stages of growth,

follow me through the difficulty of changes,

follow me through to the shades of gray.

Follow me, I beg of you, why is my shadow..not behind me?

The Source

I don’t understand your logic, I don’t understand your philosophy.

When I was wild and free you shunned your chances to be with me.

Now that the sun has risen and set..I turned the other cheek.

Climbed to see that my heart finds something, anything but bleak.

So, here you are to bare your true feelings,

to write them..enlarged..on your mind’s ceilings.

Although you do not realize, seasons have brought upon a new discourse,

where the threshold of my love, has changed its source.