Man holds lightbulb in hand.

Energy is Transformative Not Just Transferrable

Energy can be regarded as pseudoscience that mystics are peddling at tarot card readings. Mystics and others alike will tell you it is indeed a presence—its own being. Everyone feels it; it exists between people and in situations.

Many times people refer to it as an instinct. Have you ever heard someone say, I just felt it in my gut? That’s the transference of energy. You shouldn’t discount how things make you feel because your initial emotion towards something is almost never wrong.

Interpersonal connections become stronger the longer you interact with someone. The energy that engulfs your relationship can effect you for better or worse. The notion that you are who you friends are is evident because people change to adapt to their environment—even if it seems involuntary. Depending on the value of the interaction, the transformation can be quite drastic.

The ability to spot the change in yourself is the level of self awareness you need to let it or stop it from happening. People change for a variety of reasons: the need to be liked, the joy that comes from having any connection with another person and plain coercion.

Unfortunately, self awareness is a level that is only unlocked after much hardship and undue stress. Sometimes the best way to learn your own limits is through experience. This way you can set your boundaries with others early and protect your energy.

Energy is a tool in determining which situations are useful and those that are draining. You always have the power to transform into the best version of yourself. No one can change your energy unless you let them.