In Spades

Waking up and speaking of regret. It is a fatal consequence. Regret, in spades, is a figment of the depths of our minds. You should… you didn’t…you think. You remember…you faltered…you live on.

It is only as strong as the will you encompass to keep going. Whether it be to keep a memory alive or to move past a difficult time. We all speak to regret because it signals the inadequacy of the choices we have made. The longing to have done one more thing or made one decision instead of another.

Life will always leave you with a sour taste, if that is the focus. That is why we kiss the ones we love and say next time- even when one might not exist. We say sorry even we feel justified. We cry over spilled milk when the deed is already done.

Because we know that one day we will wake up and speak of regret.