What is it about the prying eyes of our futures that holds us captive. What is it about the prying eyes of our counterparts that holds us captive? What is it?

As much as we want to know the answers, many of us find ourselves, lost. Lost in the sauce. How do we know what we are doing is what we want to do for the rest of our lives? How do we know that we are doing what we want, for ourselves. How do we know? How do we know we are ready.

People suggest that when its time to grow up you will. When the party life is a distant memory and your childish ways float in the distance. When you think more of what will happen in 40 years, than what might be going on tonight.

How many of us have chosen our own path? How many have chosen the path others founded for us? At 18, who is to say that you know exactly what you want to be, and who you are? I think no one really knows. At 18, we haven’t experienced a lick of life, let alone the capacity to make life long decisions…which we have seen end up in a complex of misery for some.

Who is to say that the endless discontent of your path, has to be an everyday like? Maybe it’s society, your family, maybe even yourself. So, when you become of age to make logical and insightful decisions…how long should you wait to act? How long is it acceptable to still fizzle within your prime years?

Who knows, to each his own right? Maybe not. But to those who are fortunate enough to have a distinct plan with no interruptions..kudos. For life will always throw you a curve ball, which in most cases, won’t end up being a home run.

For the likes of whose prying eyes haven’t yet been appointed with 20/20..there is still time. Time to make up for the indecisive, misguided, misused, abused, forgotten or disappointed.

What holds you captive? A memory..a thought..a common misconception? Maybe its just a fear of the unknown. A fear of the unpredictable life that we know we are forced to live.

Captivity doesn’t have to be a force of habit,  just a rite of passage.

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