The Road

The road to 23.

The road that each individual conquers or surrenders to. The amazing and riveting bond that you share with the conflicts in your life. The distinction between what you were yesterday and what you are today. Who you are and how you got here is irrelevant to what broke you. Irrelevant to what jaded you. It’s only relevant to the lessons that propel you into a vast world of undivided victory.

My road is like many others but bares inscription. It has all the elements of daily life that makes you wish you already learned these tribulations. The events that shape your outlook and the people you depend on to brighten. The people, well, the trick is the people.Everyone thinks they know, and can pinpoint you in a box of pins. The ones who gain your trust just to use it against you, the ones of come around when they need something. The ones who have never turned to stab the back of the shoulder they lean on. Those ones.

The road to 23 is a short one filled with adventure and life changing decisions that hinder and reveal the person in you. The submission of pages to your permanent record.

The aid to your calling. The ink to your chapter. The road to 23 and the excitement, thereafter.

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