Infinite Gratificaton

A childish attribute that senses excuse and worry,
you give your all to the tune of redemption for seasons lost and wasted conversations.

How long can you go living in a fog, endless waves of conquerless feelings? Unabidable rules and suckered emotions.

Although you may have let it slip, I’ve let you slide.

For which I may refrain blame because I let you trickle below my expectations. A standard that hasn’t been set and tempted by those who run rampant.

Leave your inhibitions or suffocations you tend to drown in careless thought.

You have seen the last of my passive generosity.

An open door to a fully functional internal clock, where clockwork no longer exists.

Only time, logic, and infinite gratification.

Those who put up shall reek the benefits, those who shut up sit right where they belong.