False Hope

The depths of an imagination are almost as ridiculous as a clown. Our wishes, promises, and expectations are suspended by truth. At what point do we recognize that promises are actually false hope? This, I often wonder. When do you notice, you are under appreciated? Devalued? Degraded? Dismissed from the dreams of your imagination. Who can you hold responsible? Who is to blame?

Do you sit and reminisce of the fire that riled up your passion. Why? It is much easier to curse those who have lead ones fickle mind. Distribution of fault. Are you capable? Capable of realizing the error of your own ways? Stop your imagination from running wild? Posses the ability to recognize the promises are just false hopes that you, yourself manifested?

The proof is in the pudding, they say. Where is your pudding? Possibly with the sugar plums and candy canes dancing around in your head. Are you a clown? Is your imagination as ridiculous? Not always, sometimes your just a victim of desire, and a soon to be advocate for disbelief.

The depth is the hardest to decipher since its the most influential and wildly creative of the bunch. Snatch it by wits and strangle the foolishness to give your imagination a way out of despair, and a chance of reality.